Nov 18

Electrical Drives Anna University Previous Year Question Papers with Answers

Anna University Previous Year Question Papers with Answers on Electrical Drives [1] What is meant by V/F control? When the frequency is reduced, the input voltage must be reduced proportionally so as to maintain constant flux. Otherwise the core will get saturated resulting in excessive iron loss and magnetizing current. This type of induction motor behaviour is similar …

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Sep 19

SCR Series Operation Tutorial


Series Operation of SCRs Necessity of SCR series connection:                   For some industrial applications, the demand for voltage and current ratings is so high that a single SCR cannot meet such requirements. In such cases, SCRs are connected in series in order to meet the high voltage demand …

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Aug 28

Electrical Drives Interview Questions

Electrical Drives Interview Questions [Q] Name some of the various methods of traction motor control? Rheostatic control Thyristor control Metadyne control Buck and boost method Series parallel control Field control [Q] What are the basic requirements of a braking system? The basic requirements of a braking system is given below Easy to use for driver …

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Jul 31

Electric Traction System Requirements, Terms, Advantages

Requirements, Advantages & Disadvantages of Electric Traction System  [1] What are the requirements of an ideal electric traction system? The requirements of an ideal traction system are The locomotive should be self-contained and able to run on any route braking should be such that minimum wear is caused on the brake shoes if possible the braking energy …

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Jun 09

SCR Parallel Operation

series operation of SCR

SCR Parallel Operation Tutorial Introduction:                                         The SCRs are connected in a parallel manner to meet the high current demand. In this post we are going to see the parallel operation of thyristors and problems associated with …

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Jan 25

Offline UPS Systems Tutorial

Offline UPS

Offline UPS Systems UPS Introduction:                          The "Uninterruptable Power Supply" is also called as Standby Power Supply, since they stand by whilst the main power supply is working. These power supplies usually consists of inverters operating from DC storage source (like battery). In many …

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