How Zener Diode works as a Voltage Regulator?

· October 9, 2012

6 Responses

  1. s.rathna moulie sivaram says:

    its really awesome man,,,,,,, it is the simplest explanation i ever seen,,

  2. prasanth says:

    Sir, one doubt.. to conduct zener diode as reverse biasis… The current flow from ground to positive ha between diode connect..

    • admin says:

      Thanks for asking question….I dont understand what exactly you want….The equivalent circuit of zener diode is Battery ( DC voltage source) with cathode is positive terminal and anode will represent negative terminal of the dc source….now you may clear in current flow in Zener circuit….

  3. saranya says:

    Why zener diode are not used in power circuits ?

  4. Mahmood Mohammadi says:

    So simple and useful , Thanks a lot .

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