Zener Diode Basics, Operation, Characteristics

· January 13, 2013

8 Responses

  1. Navin Bista says:

    It was simple and clear.It helps me to clearly understand.Thanks

  2. Baker Rayyan says:

    Thanks a lot,
    It’s very clear and understandable..

  3. Abraham kofi says:

    thanks for the explanation

  4. bharathi prasanth says:

    it’s simple and very clear..thank you…..

  5. Mandar says:

    The explanation of working was really simple
    Thanks a lot
    But can you please focus more on the microscopic levels of the working
    Like what is in the structure of zener diode that allows it to function in the reverse bias mode
    Plz explain more about the p-n junctions concept of the zener diode

  6. kiran kumar says:

    Hai sir . This is kiran kumar . Thanks alot . Because your simply explained zener diode operation And also charaterstics.

  7. Sandeep chaujan says:

    A simple

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