SMPS Topology - An Introduction

DC to DC Converters Topology: An Introduction:

The power supply is one of the important elements of any electrical or electronics equipment.
Because it provides power to energize all the electrical and electronic circuits and makes the equipment operate.
The successful operation of any electrical equipment depends on proper and reliable function of the power supply circuit.

When the  power supply circuit convert DC supply with one voltage level into DC supply with other voltage level, we can use linear regulators or switch mode power supplies.
We have seen already the advantages of linear regulators and SMPS. Please click here to know about the advantages and disadvantages of LPS and SMPS.

  • These DC to DC converter circuits are used in regulated Switch Mode Power Supplies [SMPS] and DC motor drive applications widely.
  • For these converter circuits, the input is usually an unregulated DC voltage.
  • As the input is obtained by rectifying the supply line voltage, it will fluctuate due to changes in the line voltage magnitude.
  • The Switch Mode DC-DC converters are used to convert the unregulated DC input voltage into controlled DC output voltage at a desired voltage level. 

The DC to DC converters are mostly used with an electrical isolation transformer in the SMPS and almost always without an isolation transformer in the case of DC motor drives.

There are three basic topology available. They are

  1. Buck (step down) Topology
  2. Boost (step up) Topology and
  3. Buck-boost Topology.

These topologies are the simplest configurations, and they require lowest component count (requires only one inductor, capacitor, Power switch and diode) to generate their single output.
If isolation between the input and output is required, then a transformer is included before the converter. The most important and simple isolation topology is Flyback converter... Please click here to know more about Flyback Topology.

  • There are wide variety of typologies available.
  • Each and every topology has its own advantages as well as drawbacks.
  • The basic operation, advantages, disadvantages, and applications of varies  topologies are discussed in various pages/posts in this website.
  • Before proceeding further in the detailed study of various topologies, it is recommended to read power supply terminologies and basics of the Switch Mode Power Supply.

Click here to read about the Power Supply Terminology
Click here to know more about the SMPS Basics and Classification

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