Sensitivity Analysis in Pspice: Step by Step Procedure

How to do Sensitivity Analysis using Cadence Pspice Simulation tool?

Step by step Guide for Worst Case Analysis (Sensitivity Analysis) in Pspice:

  • Draw the required schematic.
    For our example, we had drawn a group of resistors powered by 12VDC supply.
    We considered 5% tolerance for all resistors.
    The tolerance value should be given in your design requirement. Use that value for your circuit. 
  • Ensure that proper signal name has given at various nets. It will be useful at the time of measurement.
  • Place the voltage probe at required place.
  • Create a new simulation profile as follows
    simulation settings0
  • It is transient analysis.
  • Run the analysis. We are not using any data from this analysis result.
  • In the result page click "Trace"
    simulation settings
  • Click “measurements”
    simulation settings2
  • Click required parameter. For our example circuit analysis, let us go with “max”
  • Click "Eval" button.
  • A new pop up box will appear.
    simulation settings9
  • Click the button next to the “name of trace to search”.
  • Another pop up box will appear.
    simulation settings3
  • Select the net at which point we need to calculate sensitivity.
  • For our case it is V(output).
  • Select it and click "ok".
  • We set the goal function.
  • Goto schematic page. Goto AMS Simulator --> Advanced Analysis -> Sensitivity
  • Sensitivity result page will appear.
    simulation settings4
  • Hit the "Click to import the measurement…"
    simulation settings6
  • Select the max(V(output)) .
  • Click "ok".
  • Select the profile row. The row will become black color.
    simulation settings22
  • Click run button.
  • Sensitivity analysis is done.
    We will get the required values as shown below. The circuit performance highly depends on R2 value.

    simulation settings7
  • To change relative sensitivity to absolute sensitivity, right-click "rel sensitivity" goto "Display" and change it.
  • Mostly relative sensitivity is used in worst case analysis.

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