Applications of Power Electronics System in Various Fields

Applications of Power Electronics in Various Fields

Electrical_Drive_Block_DiagramIt is astonishing to realise that there is hardly a home, office block, factory, car, sports hall, hospital or theatre without an application of power electronic equipment.

1. Aerospace
Space shuttle power supplies
Satellite power supplies
Aircraft power system

2. Commercial:-

Advertising, heating, air-conditioning power supplies, computer, office equipment, elevators, light dimmer, uninterruptible power supplies, central refrigeration.
Both in aerospace and satellite power supplies are Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) type power supply. Here, the power semiconductor switch is located in between input and output supply lines. It act as a static switch. It continuously turn on and off the input power and thus the converts the input power into required output power. Such kind of power supplies have more advantages than conventional linear power supplies. The comparison of SMPS with linear Power supply is discussed in separate post. Please click here to know more about the advantages, disadvantages of SMPS and linear Power supply.

3. Industrial:-
Arc and Industrial furnaces, blowers and fans, pumps and compressors, industrial lasers, transformer tap changers, rolling mills, textile mills, excavators, cement mills, welding

4. Residential:-
Air conditioning, cooking, lighting, refrigerators, electric-door openers, dryers, fans, personal computers, vacuum cleaners, washing machine, food mixers

5. Telecommunication:-
Battery chargers, power supplies

6. Transportation:-
Battery chargers, traction control of electric vehicles, electric locomotives, street cars, trolley buses, subways, automotive electronics.

7. Utility systems:-
High voltage DC Transmission, Excitation systems, VAR compensation, Static circuit breakers, fans and boiler feed pumps, supplementary energy systems(solar, wind)
Due to the developments in power electronics field, the power transmission and distribution field faces tremendous changes such as HVDC transmission, Smart grid system. Conventional power transmission happens based on AC supply. It has a lot of disadvantages comparing with DC supply based power transmission. Few of the features of High voltage DC Transmission (HVDC) are  given below:
HVDC requires only two connectors. In case of AC transmission three connectors are mandatory. It leads to huge saving in the installation charges.

When the transmission happens at high voltage, the power loss(I2R) in the conductor is less in DC supply.

Electric Drives:
One of the major area of applications of power electronics is the control of electric motors.

  • At the high-power end are very large motors for industrial and traction applications(with power measured in megawatts) down to small electric motors in consumer electronic equipment, eg. drive motors in tape recorders, where the power may be less than a watt.
  • Across this range there is a requirement for accurate control of speed, torque and the position of the armature.
  • Power electronic control circuits plays a vital role in controlling these motors. 

The advent of high-power semiconductor devices has made it possible to design effective and relatively low-cost electronic supplies that take full advantage of the capabilities of the devices. 
Electronic power supplies for DC and AC motors have become one of the major fields of application of power electronics devices. 

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