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How Morgan Chopper does work?

Morgan Chopper: In this post let us discuss about Morgan chopper in detail. It is good to refresh about chopper basics and Chopper types. Please click here to understand the basics of the Chopper...

RC_Snubber_Circuit_with_Diode 1

How Snubber Circuit protects SCR?

How the Snubber Circuit is working?  The Snubber circuit is one type of dv/dt protection circuit of the thyristor. With the help of snubber circuit, the false turn-on of a thyristor due to large dv/dt...

TRIAC_Structure 1

How to test Triac with Multimeter

How to test TRIAC with Digital Multimeter OR using Ohmmeter? In this shot post we will discuss about how to test the Triac. Before proceeding further let us refresh about the basics of the TRIAC. ...