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Turning Off SCR (Commutation)

Methods of Turning OFF SCR: It is recommended to know about SCR-Basics, Structure, Characteristics before proceeding further. To tum on a thyristor, a low voltage, short duration pulse is applied to the gate (typically 4V,...

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Bleeder Resistor Basics

Role of Bleeder Resistors in Power Electronics Circuit: In high voltage DC power supply, capacitors are used to smooth out the fluctuations in the output side. In AC to DC rectifiers, the DC link capacitors...

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SCR Triggering (Turn-on) Methods

Triggering (Turn on) Methods of Thyristor: Triggering:- The turning on Process of the SCR is known as Triggering. In other words, turning the SCR from Forward-Blocking state to Forward-Conduction state is known as Triggering.The...