Comparison of MOSFET with BJT

· May 12, 2013

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  1. jaideep says:

    Dear admin,
    You named bjt in unipolar device list and you wrote in comparison as a bipolar device actually it is a unipolar device, what is your opinion?

  2. pardeep Singh says:

    Hello sir I want learn about all electronic components and how can I use this by practically I will wait for your reply

  3. Bryan Hwu says:

    How long ago did the switch from BJT to MOFET occur?

  4. vaishali says:

    BJT name itself bipolar junction transistor. how can you say that it’s unipolar.


    The current condition in unipolar transistor is due to only one type of charge carriers, majority carriers.


    In bipolar transistor the current condition is due to both types of charge carriers, holes and electrons. So it is called bipolar. It is also referred as BJT.

  5. Abinesh says:

    JFET is unipolar device….In n-channel JFET, the current conduction is due to flow of electrons only…. in p channel JFET, the current conduction is due to flow of holes only

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