How Class D Chopper Works?

Class-D Chopper Operation

In our previous post, we have discussed about the basics of chopper and chopper classification.
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In this post we are going to see in detail about class D chopper operation.

Class-D Chopper - Introduction:

Class-D chopper operates in two quadrants (Quadrant 1 and Quadrant 4).

Here the output current is always positive. But the output voltage can be either positive or negative.


  • When both V0 and I0 are positive, rectifying operation (Forward motoring ) mode takes place. Here the energy is fed from source to load.
  • When the voltage is reversed, inverting operation (Reverse regeneration) takes place. Here the energy is fed from load to source.


The circuit diagram of the Class D chopper is given below:
Class_D_Chopper_Circuit-diagramFrom the figure, you can observe that the Class D chopper consists of two switches, two diodes and a DC motor. This type of chopper operates in first quadrant and fourth quadrant.

Forward Motoring Operation (Rectifying operation):

  • It is the first quadrant operation.
  • When switches T1 and T2 are conducting, both the output current (I0) and output voltage (Vo) are positive.
  • Now the circuit path will be, Vs - T1 - Load - T2 - Vs.
  • The power is flows from the source to load.
  • This is known as rectifying operation.
  • This operation occurs in first quadrant.(as the current and voltage are positive)

Reverse Braking Mode Operation (Inverting operation):

  • It is the fourth quadrant operation.
  • When switches T1 and T2 are switched OFF, the load inductance generates a huge amount voltage to maintain the current in the same direction.
  • The inductance voltage forward biases both diodes D1 and D2.
  • Now the circuit path will be Load - D1 - Vs - D2 - Load.
    Here the output current is positive but the output voltage is negative. i.e., the power flows from load to source.
  • Thus we can achieve reverse breaking operation.
  • Here the motor speed can be controlled by changing the duty cycle of the switches.

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