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Permanent Magnet DC Motor [PMDC Motor] Tutorial

Permanent Magnet DC Motor [PMDC Motor] A permanent magnet DC motor is similar to an ordinary DC Shunt motor except that it's field is provided by permanent magnets instead of salient pole wound field...

BLDC_Two_pole_brushless DC motor with_three-phase stator winding

BrushLess DC (BLDC) Motor Tutorial

BrushLess DC (BLDC) Motor  Introduction: The brushless DC motor(BLDC Motor) is actually a Permanent-Magnent Synchronous Machine ( It is not a DC motor). It is named like brushless DC motor, because its characteristics resemble to that...


Stepper Motor: Basics, Types, Applications

Special Purpose Motors: An Introduction Industrial Motors are used to convert electrical energy to mechanical energy. They are neither precision speed nor precision positioning devices. For many automated systems, precise speed and/or precise positioning...