Cadence Pspice Commands, Shortcut keys, Techniques

Cadence Pspice Commands, Shortcut keys, Techniques

                   Cadence Pspice is a powerful tool. By using commands, we can draw schematics quickly. In this post, we had given a lot of Cadence pspice commands, shortcut methods, keywords based on our experience. It will serve as quick guide for you while working with Cadence Pspice. The following techniques is based on Cadence Ver.16.2 which is the latest version.

If you have still more questions please let us know. We will answer it as soon as possible.

How to change the installed component to uninstalled component?

  • Open the Attribute tab
  • Add property(type) usage
  • Enter value as "not installed"
  • Make it "visible"

How to change the uninstalled component to installed component?

  • Open the attribute tab
  • Delete the "usage box" from the name section
  • Delete the "not installed" from the value section

Cadence Comments:

  • fit = To fit the schematic in complete screen size.
  • wir = To draw wire
  • att = attribute
  • dis = display
  • show properties = Type this command. click the part in the    schematic. The component properties will display
  • zo  =  ??? guess what? (Zoom Out)

How to show the distance between two points in cadence Pspice Schematic entry page?

  • Type command "show D" in the command bar.
  • Enter
  • Click the two points in the schematic page. The distance between the points will display.

How to make the pins visible in the active components in the cadence pspice schematic page?

  • In command bar type "sec"
  • Hit ENTER
  • Click the component
  • The pins of this part will be visible

How to make the pins invisible in the active components in the cadence pspice schematic page?

  • In command bar type "sec"
  • Hit ENTER
  • Click the component. The pins of this part will become visible
  • Click once again the part. It will become invisible

How to copy and paste part of the schematic to another page?

  • Open the page schematic which has to be copied
  • Select the whole page or part of schematic to be copied
  • Goto Group. Click copy
  • Open the page where to paste the schematic
  • Goto Edit
  • Click Paste special

How to add the Voltage Bus in the schematics?

  • Go to Add Component
  • Type voltage_bus

How to print the schematic page?
We can do any of the following methods. Refer the screenshots below.

  • File --> Publish PDF --> Publish
  • File --> Plot --> Plot

 How to print the schematic page in PDF with color searchable mode?

  • File --> Publish PDF --> Setup --> Advanced --> Color
  • --> Setup --> General --> Remove the tick from the "invisible attribute" boxes ( so that while searching the unnecessary details will not appear)

1. Always give name to the nets
If the net is not named, "unnamed_I20_xx-xxx" like something will appear in the netlist. It is difficult to trace. So have a habit of naming the nets.

2. While adding Resistor and capacitor

  • select the part
  • move the cursor to schematic page area
  • Do Right Click
  • Orientation of the part will change ( horizontal or vertical)
  • Do left click. The part will be placed in that place.


Last but not least, to become familiar with cadence pspice just work with it....

Do you feel that we are missing some other shortcuts?....Please share your idea with us in comments section.

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