BLDC vs AC Motor - Comparison between BLDC motor with Induction Motor

Comparison between BLDC motor with Induction Motor:

In this Post we will see the comparison between BLDC with Induction motor(BLDC vs AC Motor ). Before Proceeding further it is recommended to refresh about the basics of both the motors. Please click here to know about the basics of BLDC Motor.  

BLDC -  Brushless DC Motor. It is a Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Machine ( It is not a DC motor). It is powered from variable DC source, but it is internally an AC motor.

BLDC Motor Vs AC Induction Motor:

BLDC MotorAC Induction Motor
The speed/torque characteristics is flat in nature.
It enables operations at all speeds with rated load.
The speed/torque characteristics is non linear in nature.
It enables lower torque at lower speeds.
Output power/ Frame size is high.
Because it has permanent magnets on the rotor, the smaller size can be achieved for a given output power.
Output power/frame size is moderate.
Because both stator and rotor have winding, output power to size is lower than BLDC.
The rotor inertia is low.
This enables better dynamic characteristics.
The rotor inertia is high.
This enables poorer dynamic characteristics.
The starting current is rated.
No special starter circuit is required. 
The starting current is approximately up to 7 times of rated.
Stator circuit rating should be carefully selected. It normally uses a star delta starter.
A controller always required to keep the motor running.
The controller can be used for variable speed control.
No controller is required for fixed speed.
A controller is required only if variable speed is desired.
No slip is experienced between stator and rotor frequencies.The rotor runs at a lower frequency than the stator by slip frequency and slip increases with load on the motor.

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